Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Do I Have to Say

I know I should be writing something. Every How To blogs aimed at writers tell you to get out of the comfort of your cozy cocoon and write a blog. Write a blog. Yuck. What if I have nothing to say? Silly, you think. Of course, you have something to say. You can say that it has taken you four years to write a book, another year to edit. And that you are still going strong. You can also say that you are on your second book. Half way through, thank you very much.

As I understand it, all writers grapple with the ins and outs of the dreaded query letter. I keep hearing that hundreds of letters inundate agents daily. Seems that everyone is writing, everyone wants to be a published writer. In fact, a friend from a writing workshop group I belong to is beginning to send out query letters even before his book is finished. He just seems to be impatient about it.

I would love to see myself in print, even envy those who are published already. My redeeming feature is that I love the act itself. I love to write.

How about you? Do you feel as impatient as I do? Are you just writing for the love of it, and the prospect of being published is just the topping on the cake?

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Terry said...

Hi Henya, I saw your comment over at Nathan's. I have trouble with this jumping up and down thing too. And I'm comfortable around people, though I like to be alone a lot or with my husband and friends.

It does seem like an awful lot of promotion but apparently that's what we have to do. I guess writing isn't enough. We have to be marketing experts and salesmen.