Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Between Writing

In between writing, I garden. Pulling weeds could be tedious. I know. But this mindless task frees my imagination. Being in nature reminds me of beauty and helps in the  process of finishing my novel.

The following is an excerpt from my first, unpublished novel.

Jamie felt a slight jerk and then the sound of the electric motor when they began to roll. She could sense Zoe tightening every muscle in her body, as if bracing for the imminent collapse of the wall upon them. The powerful beam of her cap light shone into Zoe’s eyes.

“It will be fine,” Jamie said.

“How do you know when the roof will cave in?” Zoe said.

“You listen to noises,” Kenevitz said.

                                                                 “What if there’s an explosion or a fire?”

                                                                 Jamie could hear the smile in Kenevitz’s voice. “Believe me; you'll know when to run when the time comes.”

...And this is why pulling weeds could be helpful.


Angela Ackerman said...

Like this...a lot! Well done (both the writing, and the garden!)

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

ElbieNy25 said...

My mother in law has a giant vegetable garden in her back yard. She tried to get me involved, just not my thing.

But I do admire people who have the patience to garden...