Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Falling in Love with Your Fictional Character

Yes, you heard it right. I fell in love with one of my characters. What’s even more ridiculous is that this character is a bad guy. He plots to kill people. But he is also three dimensional and he is the kind of guy you’d hate to love.

I suppose it makes it easier for me to fall in love with him because Lizzie, a main character in my novel, falls in love with him. I had to justify to myself that there had to be some redeeming qualities she saw in him.

For one, they were stuck together for the duration of the kidnapping. That made it easier for them to get to know each other better. For two, they share something. They know what it feels like to lose something and the pain associated with it.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that Amid—the kidnapper—is handsome, in a foreign type of a way. But I don’t want to tell you too much, because hopefully you’d be interested in buying the book. Eventually. When published.

My question to you: Has it ever happen to you? Have you ever experienced an attraction for one of your characters? And if so, how did it help in formulating your story?


Diana said...

This made me laugh because I have done this too. It became such a problem that I ended up sabotaging my MC because I just loved the male hero so much although at the time, I wasn't sure if she did. It all worked out...I hope. lol. good blog.

Henya said...

Thanks Diana. I do find that falling in love with your characters can pose a bit of a problem. However, it does make it easier to sketch out the character who falls in love with him and why.

Elle said...

Oh yes, several. I loved one character so deeply that his murder came as a complete shock, even though I'd planned it. I grieved for him for months, and editing the book was hard as I kept choking up.


Henya said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with me.


Yes, definitely. I am totally in love with the hero of my work in progress! I'm here through She Writes. Love you blog and can totally relate. Joined the Funny Women Group.

I hope you post again soon!


Oops! Found you through the virtual critique group! This is what I get for stalking blogs at almost 1 a.m.!

Henya said...

You are funny. Thanks for reading. 1 AM is a brutal time to surf. Will see you at She Writes. And thanks for reading.