Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sleepless night. Yuck! So here I am trying to write something clever. Maybe a few words of wisdom about writing. All I could come up with is posting a short synopsis of my book. Five years in the making, and maybe a few more months of final edits.

Blow Forward

So why is Lizzie wedded to her profession as a long distance truck driver? Because she needs to put distance between herself and her memories and from a husband, whose act of betrayal crippled her life. But no matter how far she drives her truck, how hard she pushes herself to forget, she believes Ellie’s death is a penalty for failing to save her little girl.

Then one day, a malevolent force wrenches her away from the life of isolation. Two terrorists hijack her truck. Lizzie can’t help it if she feels an attraction to one of these dangerous men. Faced with the gulf between them, brought together only by their mutual experience with catastrophe, Lizzie realizes that Amid’s acceptance of death is not only out of a belief that killing infidels is a way of gaining a passage to the other world, but also out of sadness. The same pain she sees in herself.

Lizzie fights her growing attraction for Amid. Still, she has to reconcile herself to the idea that he holds her hostage. Tension builds between them as he attempts to sway her to submit to the glory of Allah. Everything Lizzie has ever believed in is in opposition of Amid’s ideology and what he is about to do in Las Vegas. She tries, but fails to convince him that he can learn to grow out of his fanaticism and develop sound judgment.

After Ellie’s death, Lizzie had thoughts of suicide. Perhaps because she now stands to lose her life, it forces her to recognize the existence of a different kind of death. One is real, the other abnormal. She turns her captivity around on Amid and foils an approaching catastrophe.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a nailbiter.

Henya said...

Mostly busy chewing my own nails.