Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Passion for Hiking

As my husband and I are planning a full schedule of hiking in the pristine wilderness of Yellowstone, Teton and Rocky National Parks in September, I am struck by the idea of traveling to a natural environment and nurturing my appreciation of the non-human world.  

Over the ages painters, writers, and photographers, whose work became widely appreciated, vividly illustrated beauty of wilderness. These works invited visitors to experience these settings personally and intimately.

Hiking is a passion of mine. My husband and I have hiked in several national parks. Though I enjoy and appreciate nature, I abhor seeing buses and hordes of people where unsullied wilderness should reign. Which brings me to the next point, there is an essential tension created between nature and human. The idea of fusing them together means a crowdedness of sorts. Therein lies the battle of territory and survival. But I am not the only one who appreciates and enjoys nature.

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